The First Day

Hello everyone! This is my first trip to Moldova. Yesterday was our first day at the orphanage. I helped with sports and recreation. It was an absolute blast. We played soccer, volleyball, basketball, jumped ropes, badminton, and american football. The children are so sweet and adorable and they love any kind of attention they can get. Also, the children love cameras. In the bible lesson, the theme was to teach the children that they are made in God’s image. So we took pictures of them and printed them out last night to give it to them Thursday. God has really showed me how to step out of my comfort zone even though there is a language barrier, I can still show how much Jesus loves them by just being there for them. They began to open up yesterday and hope a little more today. Thank you!
-Josh McMullan

PS – The food is very good here!

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  1. shelly mcmullan

    joshua we are so proud of you and love you so much. I know the children loved you so much and you them. Keep letting them see Jesus in you through your heart. Hope your second day will be even more blessed. Oh hope you are leaving food for others. We love you mama, daddy and suzanne

  2. Anonymous

    Lilia is an awesome cook! Have you had the chicken balls yet? (they’re meatballs made with chicken, for you others who are reading this…) And pancakes, and brownies…YUM! You will all work so hard, you will burn off all those calories and more! Have a wonderful week!
    Marni Baker

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