The Gulu team has landed!

Our Gulu team has landed in Uganda and God was clearly with us on our journey! Many of our team members were able to meet and get acquainted for the first time as we made our way across the world to Africa. All of our flights were on time and there were no weather delays despite the warnings we had previously received! We arrived at the Entebbe airport, after a long day of travel, and were graciously greeted by Sweet Sleep’s National Director in Uganda, the beautiful Josephine, her husband Jonathan, and our wonderful drivers Jack and Patrick with warm hugs and bouquets of flowers! What a nice welcome! Best of all, every last piece of luggage arrived in the right place at the right time and all of our generously donated supplies are here! Blessings abound!  There has been plenty of evidence that God has called each one of us to serve here in Uganda at this particular time in our lives and I know that this team is going to have an amazing impact on the children of Gulu. Until tomorrow, Sleep Sweetly

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