The Have’s and the Have-Not’s.

In the time that I’ve been here in Uganda, I’ve learned as much about the American people as I have the Ugandan people in comparing the two with each other. I’ve noticed that in pretty much any society that people are used to talking about the Have’s and Have-Not’s. But what I’ve found is that there are actually four groups.

There are “Those That Have And They Know It,” “Those That Have-Not And They Know It”, “Those That Have And Don’t Know It,” and “Those That Have-Not And Don’t Know It.” And when I say these things I’m not talking about physical and material possessions. I’m talking about those who have Christ Jesus, or they don’t. And it is obvious since I’ve been here, more than any other place I’ve been or seen, that if you put your faith in Jesus, He truly takes care of you and meets your needs.

I’ve seen it over and over again here with people who otherwise have nothing, but all their needs are granted and they are sustained.

So, looking at this, you have “Those That Have And They Know It”. We’re talking about Christians who have placed their faith in Jesus and He meets their needs. Then we also have “Those That Have Not And They Know It,” and those are the people who refuse Jesus. They will not accept Him and obviously they suffer the consequences in the end. Then there are “Those That Have And Don’t Know It,” like most Americans. Most Americans who call themselves Christians have Jesus, but they don’t rely upon Him to sustain themselves. Instead, they try to do it all themselves. They try to rely on their wealth, possessions, job, status, buying things at the store to meet their needs. So if you think about it, they have Christ but they don’t know it or don’t rely on Him.

And then there are “Those That Have Not And Don’t Know It,” and you see those people here in Uganda. You see some in the United States, but you really see them here in Uganda. And those are people who need both physically and spiritually. They don’t know Christ, and thus not able to share the love of Christ. Part of what we’ve done here is to bring the love of Christ and knowledge that we have and hopefully we will be able to bring “Those Who Have-Not And Don’t Know It” into the category of “Those Who Have And Know It.” And in the end, that is what it is all about.

Doug McCutcheon

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