The Journey … The Arrival Into Moldova

We have successfully arrived after a nearly 24 hours of travel … Nashville airport to Chisinau airport. The Lord has a hand on our shoulders throughout the journey and insured that the team remained in good spirits despite the lack of quality sleep. We have a number of jokesters among us which will cetainly add lavity to the week. Upon our arrival into Chisinau we were met by CJ, Boris and Steve and were quickly wisked to our host family … Sasha and Lucia … for a great chicken and mashed potato dinner. Before arriving to Miller provided each team member with an inspiration note from our prayer partners. The thoughts of these individuals are inspirational and reinforcing of the good we are hopeful sharing with the older boys starting tomorrow morning. I am personally looking forward to having a chance to share the word of God and being a witness to these boys. The inspiration of the team is also proof the Lord is present.

I had several firsts on the first leg of our journey. One first I never imaged having was sleeping on an airport floor … while in Frankfurt.

I deeply miss my wife and four daughters and their love. It is my hope to return home with a strong focus on the Lord’s teachings and sharing with others. Praise the Lord! Please keep our team in your prayers.

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  1. Taylor

    We are so glad and relieved to hear that you have arrived safely. You are constantly in our thoughts and prayers. Our focus here is Tate’s first day of school tomorrow. She tearfully went to bed asking, “Do I have to go to school?” and then asked, “If I go tomorrow, do I have to go on Tuesday?” We look forward to hearing from you all again soon. Hope you have a blessed first day. Love, Shelley, Tory, Taylor, Tara, and Tate.

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