The Perfect Gift

Here we are, just a few shopping days left until Christmas. So how many of you are finished shopping? According to the National Retail Federation, only about 10% of you are. Congratulations if you are in that small, enviable group of Christmas shoppers!

For the rest of us, we’re starting to feel the pressure of checking everyone off our lists. And let’s face it—you have no idea what to buy for most of them. Does Dad really need another sweater? Will you default to a mall gift card for Mom when crunch time arrives?

This year, give a gift that really matters. Give true rest to an orphaned child in Africa in honor of someone on your list.

When you Give The Gift to Sweet Sleep, you are making a life-changing donation on behalf of a loved one. We evenSweet Sleep-268 provide a printable certificate for your honoree that shows your gift to them was actually a life-changing gift for someone else.

The donation you make in your loved one’s name will help provide beds for orphaned and abandoned children in Uganda so they don’t have to sleep on the cold ground anymore, mosquito nets to protect them from malaria, and Bibles that tell them how much Jesus loves them. You are giving a child the gift of true rest-not just the rest a bed provides, but also the rest found in peace, hope and love that can only come from Christ.

We’re pretty sure the person your donation honors will appreciate this even more than that sweater.

Merry Christmas!

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