The power of a gift

Our first full day in Haiti is coming to an end. Team members are milling near their rooms and children are finally quieting down. Tonight was movie night so we’ve all stayed up a little later than usual. As the movie ended, I saw what I had seen on a previous journey to visit children. If you pick them up and hold them for even a moment, they fall asleep. I liked to believe I had a special touch for that which had been perfected over seven years of holding my own three babies until they slept. But the reality is that these children are tiny and they need sleep to develop fully into the person God intends and if they are given just a moment of comfort and security, they sleep. And that gives me all the validation I need to know the importance of this ministry.

As this day comes to an end I am left reflecting on, of all things, the supplies rooms. There are two rooms, one with toys, recreation items, craft materials, and clothing. The other is filled with medical supplies, baby goods, and sundries. In addition to these rooms there is a warehouse full of meal rations and water. The rooms are neatly organized by kind and supplies are obviously rationed closely and responsibly. And as a result, the children here are clothed, fed a 100% nutritionally complete meal, and are enriched with crafts and activities. All of the supplies have been donated to the Orphan Transitional Village.

Shortly after the earthquake, Sweet Sleep along with Brentwood Baptist Church worked to organize first a bedding drive. Then a drive for a variety of other good was held. And in preparation for this trip the team collected twin sized sheets. The donation of these goods sustain these children and give them a life in which they can develop and thrive. So I hope this blog gives encouragement to all those who are not physically here but whose gifts are. Not only did your sheets, coloring books, diapers, and hand sewn dolls make it here, they are being handled responsibly and with respect. They are critical to the growth and development of some of the most precious children I’ve been blessed to serve. And I thank you for being such an important part of these children’s lives.

Madelene Metcalf

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  1. Susan Easterday

    Madelene, This was so beautifully put. Sometimes it seems our gifts are so small, but forget the impact they can have on someone so small! I’ve been praying for you and the team daily. May God give you special strength and encouragement today to pass onto these sweet children of His. 🙂 Susan

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