The Process

So, I thought I’d show you how this Christmas bed production is going down. It looks so smooth in pictures…

After we’ve gone to our borrowed storage unit and loaded up the beds for the day, we head to the camp with Rose and Charles, the staff of Village of Hope whom work with the children Sweet Sleep is providing beds to.

Rose talks with the children about their current joys and struggles. Then she tells them a bit about us and we do our thing…..

Beth portrays a child who is playing and gets sick with malaria. She gets medicine and is better. She stays healthy because of new net. April, plays the role of a mosquito. A mad mosquito who can’t get to Beth because of the new net. Then I share with the kids about God’s love and future for them. And, that these beds can be reminders to them of that love and protection and hope.

The excited children line up to get their new beds and bedding…..

First stop: picking up their blankets and mosquito nets.

Second stop: getting Bibles and the rings for their nets!

Final stop: mats and mattresses!!

Sweet Sleep is working to provide ‘a bed for every head’ literally…..

Those who don’t carry their beds home on their heads put them on wheels.

A mattress gets taken into a virtually empty hut where the children live.

And, the kids love being able to try their beds out right away… great.

Thanks to all who have provided this Christmas miracle. We can still provide to more children this Christmas, you can make your gift online at

See you in the next blog,

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