the toilet paper is PINK!!!!!

I don’t have long to blog so this will be short. these past few days have been wonderful. I have really bonded with this 8 year old girl named Cristina. She is WONDERFUL!!! she says that she is new in the orphanage. All the children are so loving… they will carry your backpack, give you kisses, and NEVER let go of you. My bible study group, as i said before is a group of 6 eight year old boys and two girls. The boys are SOO crazy. God is really testing my patients with these children. Hopefully by the end of the week i’ll be able to keep them from jumping on the beds during the daily lessons. One of the little girls in my group, Elina, has such a sad story. She was found by the police when she was three and her sister was two. They were living in a hut on the side of the road and eating garbage. There parents left them with nothing and no one. Since she had lived alone so long she would act like and animal. Now at age eight she still acts like that from time to time, like biting the translator on the leg today, but she is getting better. Please pray that i will be able to work with her bc she has asked my to pray that she can have Jesus in her heart. Today i adventured down to the camps bathrooms… it was unbelievable. They have a SMALL hole in the group which they squat over and use. There is feces all around the hole, and no toilet paper to use. It breaks my heart to think that these children do not even have a toilet to use. On a better note the children have been wonderful….everytime you leave they will not let go and we have to explain that we will back the next day. i am STILL struggling with romanian and can only say “what is your name” and “thank you”. Today Cristian and a girl named Alexandra made my braclets from “floss”. I told them i would think of them everytime i saw it and would pray for them. at this point cristiana started to cry. it breaks my heart to think that these children so not have anyone at all. Martha Blair has bonded with an eight year old girl, and yesterday she gave MB “the only piece of jewelry she has ever owned”. even though it was just a small string with a few clear beads on it, it meant the world to both her and Martha Blair. Just today was the first time cristiana had changed her clothes. From Sunday to this afternoon I have seen her wearing the same outfit, and this is not uncommone. I don’t have much time, but hopefully i’ll be able to blog one more time this week. please pray for me and all the wonderful children of Moldova.

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  1. Anonymous

    I’m SO jealous you have PINK toilet paper!! haha You sound like your having a wonderful time and I miss you SO SO SO Much. I hopeyou got my letters… I LOVE YOU SO MUCH and i can’t wait till sat when you come home! I’m off sunday so lets hang out before I leave on wednesday!! I LOVE MY BESTEST FRIEND AND I AM SO PROUD OF YOU- Whitney

  2. Mom

    Hey honey,
    We’ve had a couple of busy days; I know you have had too. We won tickets to the Sounds game from Gluck on July 27th at 6 (food) and 7 (game). Would you and Jason like to go? Sarah and I called and wished him Happy Birthday. I got cut off b/c of mountain interference. It is 97 outside and it’s 6 PM. Dogs have been in most all day. Don’t know when you’ll get back to the computer, so know that I am praying for you daily. Well, I know now that each blog message takes a different comment. So you have several comments on your Sunday blog that have come over the past 2 days – one from Justin posted today (on your last blog entry), so I am confused. Maybe ;you can go back and read the other blog entries, because that is the link I sent everybody to blog to. This is basically a copy of my entry I made earlier to your first blog entry. Know that Justin and Jason have both sent you messages. I’ll keep looking. Love, Mom

  3. Anonymous

    Hey Jane!! It sounds like God is really using you in Moldova!! I am sooo excited for you. So when you come see me you will have to tell me lots and lots of amazing stories. Be safe and have fun! I can’t wait for you to come down!

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