The Ultimate Moldavian Experience

After a long week of enjoyable VBS activities and pleasant interactions with joyful children, the boisterous Sweet Sleep team decided that they couldn’t have too much of an awesome time and so went downtown to experience real Moldavian culture.

In the morning we went to the Moldavian Zoo to see all of God’s wonderful creation in a slightly different, but safer, environment than for what it was originally intended. After that we had some good’ Ole American Mickey D’s for lunch before heading to the Art Market. The Art Market is a place were very talented artists can sell their goods alongside vendors of traditional Romanian, Moldavian, and Russian wares and antiques. Soon afterwards we stopped back at the Grace House and had a very wonderful homemade Moldavian meal. After stuffing our faces we headed back into town to go to MALLdova a colossal mall. Now although shopping is not really my thing the great people that were there with me made it an enjoyable experience filled with laughter, bowling, and chocolate covered assorted fruit.

Overall this trip has been an amazing experience and I am very glad I had the opportunity to go with such amazing people and have so much fun with the children.
With love,
Spencer McDonald (on Jon’s Account)

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