These kids amaze me!

One more quick note before we call it a day here in Moldova…

As more kids show up at the orphanage everyday to begin school, we have the pleasure of meeting more and more of them. And they amaze me with the level of energy and enthusiasm with which they help us. I’ve never seen children who desire to help as much as these children do. They literally run the halls to come help us carry/lift/move things. And once we’ve completed that task, they run on to help someone else. If there isn’t anything that they can immediately help with, they’ll stand there beside us with eager eyes, waiting for the next chance to jump into the action. To be honest, I think we’ve all drawn much needed, additional motivation and energy from just being around these children. Such sweet, unspoiled spirits that simply want to spend time with us and give of themselves…what a concept! And what an inspiration to us! Thanks kids!

Of course, then there is the laughter – most of the time at our expense as they attempt to teach how to say things in Romanian and we absolutely butcher it!?

Last thing…about the “locked in the bathroom” thing mentioned earlier….um, yeah…you see, there isn’t a handle on the inside, so if one should close the door completely…one might find themselves spending a little extra time waiting for rescue. Thank you Marilyn for being my rescuer.

And thank to you all of you for checking in on us and continuing to pray with us and for us. We will need it more and more as our time here draws to a close.


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  1. Amy Harrison

    My prayers are with you, Donnie, as well as with the rest of your team. Amanda shared this exciting news with me and I’m tingling with joy as I read all the posts. Thanks be to God for your safe trip to this land, and thanks be to Him for this opportunity. I know this mission is especially rewarding since it is centered around children, and it thrills me to think of the babes who are sleeping so much more soundly tonight because of your work.

    Oh yeah, and I’m looking forward to my Romanian lesson when you return. ( :

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