This is Emily reporting from Balti, Moldova…

Well, so much to say, so little time in the internet cafe. First, let me say God has been good. It has been so evident that Jesus has prepared our way. I’m sure you’ve read about that in the other blogs. We have had obstacles – what else is new – but the team has a great attitude and we are bending (not breaking) with every trial that comes our way. Today was the first official day of camp. Just like yesterday, it rained. For those of you who don’t know the Falesti camp is called “Dirt Camp”. Dirt Camp+Rain=”Mud Camp”. Oh the joy! 🙂 But it’s been nice and cool, which I am thankful for. We have had to readjust our plans because many of the acitivities require being outside. But then you feel arms wrap around your waist and you look down into the face of a broken and dirty child. They smile at you and you realize you’re looking into the face of your Savior. It’s a powerful thing. And somehow you don’t care about the rain or the changed plans. Meredith, Jura is here (and Irina and Vova) from the handicapped orphanage. I have given many special hugs to Jura. Today, a couple bulleys were messing with him. Jen and I of course reprimanded them. A few mintues later (while Jen was talking to one of the bulleys), the bulley’s shoe fell off into the mud. Jura walked up, picked up the kids shoe, and handed it to him. That’s a picture of Jesus if I’ve ever seen one. Jura sits around camp, reading his bible. I looked over one time and it was upside down, but I have a feeling he was getting something out of it anyway. It is so good to see him.

One major piece of news…my Mihai is not here. I thought he would be and found out he wasn’t when I got here Saturday ngiht. 🙁 Apparently he is with a family in a village near Drochia. He was here a couple weeks ago when another team was here, but they sent him back once the team left. He MIGHT come tomorrow – on the bread truck that comes every day. I certainly hope so. I have been very sad about this, so please pray that he will come tomorrow. On the other hand I know God has a perfect plan and purpose for this trip, and I am getting to spend lots of precious time with new kids that I might not have met if Mihai was here. I’ve spent a LOT of time with some of my friend’s sponsored kids like Angela, Aliona, Vasile. I spend most of my time walking around camp, trying to bond with the kids that are by themselves or not participating.

One kid’s name is Jura (different than the one I mentioned before). The teachers told me he’s no good..causes trouble. But I find him quite adorable and am determined to love him this week. He has definitely opened up to me and seems to always be at my side. He meets me at the van in the morning and walks me to the van when we leave. It’s amazing how love – unconditional – can melt the coldest heart. We’re all doing really well. Everyone is healthy, getting along great.

Oh…I almost forgot. The sunflowers are in bloom! I missed them last summer (I was here in June). But they are in full bloom. It’s one of the most amazing things I’ve EVER seen. It’s literally a field of gold. Sunflowers as far as the eye can see. When you’re driving in this amazing countryside, you forget you’re in a third world country. The landscape is so beautiful and fertile. I wish you all could see it for yourself. A picture does not do it justice. Maybe some of you WILL see it someday! 😉 Thank you all so much for your prayers. Keep it up. Stay tuned and love to all…E

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  1. Laura Cantrell

    That is such a precious story about Jura. I know that God is really working through you all. We are still praying everyday for the rain to go away, for the children’s hearts to be completely open, for God to pour his love out through you, and I really hope that HE sends Mihai to you on that bread truck!

  2. Mary Anna

    Hey Em dear—I miss you and I’m praying for you throughout the day. I’m very sorry Mihai didn’t make it out the first day, but I’ll pray for that blessing for you both. And did I read that you were spending time with Angela (oh I hope that was my little Angela)! And Ana? I cannot wait until you return to see photos and hear stories!

  3. Anonymous

    I am praying that by the time you read this that the bread truck brought you a special delivery. I am praying for you and Mihai and the family he is staying with. I am sure it will be a good thing. We miss you and can’t wait to see pictures of the sunflowers. Maybe God will send the us rain and give you a few days of relief. LOVE MOM

  4. Anonymous

    Oh Em, I’m praying you get to see Mihai. Give my Aliona a big hug and kiss and let me know if she’s wearing the clothes I got her and if she likes the watch and sunglasses. Love you and miss you!!


  5. Amanda

    Em- I know you are disapointed that Mihai was not there, but we all knoiw this will not be your last trip to Moldova. If he doesn’t make it to see you this time, you will surely see him the next trip. Maybe God needed you available to spend that time with Jura. It is good to hear from you. We are all praying for you here. can’t wait to see pics of the sunflowers!

  6. Anonymous

    I wish I was there with you! I mean that so much! I hope your little boy comes to see you this week! Trust God that He will give you His best! You are in His will- completely! I wish I could be there with you seeing the sunflowers! Please tell Jen hi and I am praying for her and you and the team. Brandy

  7. Anonymous

    Em—I love reading the blogs. Sending you lots of love and prayers from Texas!! I miss you SOOOO much!
    Love, Elisa

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