This Is The Day! This Is The Day!

Hello everyone! This is Lannette…blogging from the beautiful country of Moldova! I can’t believe that our time here is coming to a close so quickly! As I sit here thinking of all of the wonderful, bittersweet moments that we have all experienced during our time here, tears come to my eyes. I would like to share some of these moments with you through some of the pictures that have been taken…

It has been a blessing to share this Sweet Sleep mission journey with family this go around. It has been fun to watch my mom and my husband finally meet these kidos that they have heard so much about. It has been such a privilege helping meet their needs alongside my family and this great team.

I have been serving in the arts and crafts area alongside my mom and Rae during our time in VBS. The kids have just loved everything we brought. It is so much fun to get to see the look on their faces when they see the new crafts each day.

We were also surprised to have the opportunity to visit Casa de Copii. This was especially exciting for me because I was able to serve on the team that built beds there last year. It was great to see old friends and make a few new as well. We brought yogurt and bananas as a treat and really enjoyed seeing their faces light up as we fed them this special treat.

Well…its getting late…so I must try to get some sleep. We have a big day planned for tomorrow…it is sure to be an emotional time as we wrap things up at Ivancha. Pray for continued physical and emotional strength as we serve the needs of these sweet children. Lannette:)

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  1. Alicia

    I am crying like a baby as I read your blog…..isn’t it great how Big our God is? I showed Maddie all the pictures and read her your blog. She is doing great and we have had lot sof fun!!! Love you all…

  2. Anonymous


    As I read your blog I began to cry as well. What an amazing and awesome journey that touches so many lives. They will always remember you and your family and you helped them receive the best gift of all … our Savior. I feel so blessed that the Lord has placed you with Matthew and I to help us through our own journey! Matthew and I will continue to pray for you each night. Hugs Sarena

  3. Kristi

    Well Lannette, you know what a cry baby I am, so you must know I am crying as I read your blog! And of course, knowing me, you know how the pictures of those precious babies in wheelchairs pull at my heart! I would love so much to go with you guys!

    There is a little boy in your pictures above. I saw him in someone else’s blog as well. He is alone in the pic with your mom. There is something about that child that caught my attention the first time I saw him! He needs to go home with me!!! You know how God’s been working on my heart for a boy! 🙂

    I pray you have a safe trip home! Can’t wait to hear all your wonderful stories.
    Love and blessings,

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