Today is Day What !!! ?

Each morning as Miller handed out our letters and cards from our prayer partners , we were so amazed at how many days of the trip had already passed. The envelopes were labeled for that particular day and we couldn’t believe some mornings that our 10 days were so quickly winding down.

It seems I never want to return home from these types of trips. I always feel as though we left something undone, and when you see the magnitude of projects to still complete, lives to be touched, etc you feel somewhat guilty.

Recently I was having lunch with our singles minister, Ramon Presson. We discussed a few ideas and projects and the conversation took a turn. I stated that I wanted my life to have an impact, to do something that “meant something, or made a difference”. As our plane flew to Moldova and after we were there it dawned on me….what better way to make that difference than to show God and his love through your life and actions. I mean, we could have a transalator sit and tell these kids all day that Jesus loves them, however unless they see it lived in and through us, they might never understand.

Working with the older guys, then playing them in basketball, frisbee, american football, and soccer we built something other than new beds. We built trust and friendships! These are things we have everyday, they may never have had this before or ever again!! Let that rattle around your brain for a minute.

It was quickly obvious just how spoiled we as Americans are. This was never so more clear than the night after our hardest work day, followed by some outdoor activities with the kids. We returned to the house and Lucia met us with some bottled water and buckets telling us this was to flush with, there would be NO water until the next morning around 11am, we panicked! The thought of missing an evening and morning shower floored us, but we quickly decided we could deal with it. Amazingly not long after this, the water suddenly returned and although muddy for a few hours we had water!!! This is nothing short of a miracle for anything in Moldova to be finished 16 hours ahead of schedule 😉

Early in the week , it seemed this was a “task/construction” mission, quickly that changed and the boys’ lives and those of the younger children we visited became our focus. God allowed us to finish almost TWO days ahead of schedule and thus had the chance to really get to know and bond with the young men we had worked beside each day.

This team was AWESOME! Sure there were a few moments of drama , a little aggravation, etc. however we made some life long friends and touched each other’s lives in various ways. We knew we had jobs to do and we did them , then we allowed God to work through us to do “his job” on the boys. I wish we could be there as the kids return and see there new beds and new floors.

I think each of us could go on for weeks trying to explain how this experience has changed us. I wish team 3 the best as they were with some more kids the next few weeks!


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  1. Beasley

    I completely agree! While I love doing construction stuff and building things with my hands (I get it from Tom), I love building relationships even more! Every year I tell myself that I this is the year that I can’t attach myself to someone, but that always changes…

    You realize that while you attempt to change the world, it’s the people you meet, that in turn change you…

    These guys don’t have someone to love and care about them, and then we came along, and all of us formed relationships that will NEVER be broken…God is truly amazing!

    I was at work today and a regular customer came in and asked why I hadn’t been there for a while…I had my pictures with me, and she sat down and looked at them…she started to cry when she saw the pictures of the kids…she wanted me to tell everyone on our team that she is proud of all of us for our time and dedication to carry out God’s plan in this world…

    Take care!
    “A Pile of Cheese” lives!


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