Travel Day

We have just arrived in Moldova! We met at Nashville’s airport at 12pm and got here by 12pm Nashville time the following day. This by far has been the longest travel day I have ever had. It is also the first time I have been overseas. I loved the flight from Chicago to Frankfurt, Ive never been on an airplane with a TV so I watched three movies before I passed out. One of my suitcases got lost on the flight so I’m hoping they find that by tomorrow, but besides that everything is good so far. I look forward to see the country tomorrow!

3 Comments on “Travel Day”

  1. L Postell

    Glad to hear you had a good flight – 3 movies???? Which suitcase – clothes or tools? Hope you’re getting some rest now – sounds like you’ll be busy for the next several days – I miss you and love you – Mom

  2. Becca Taylor

    I am so glad y’all made it safely- I went to Moldova last year with Sweet Sleep, and it makes me jealous I am not there as well! Have so much fun. Keep up the updates! 🙂 Tell Stuart I said HEY!!


  3. Re-Invention

    Hey Christina! So glad you’re there safe and sound! I had no idea you had never been overseas! This is going to be such an amazing trip and experience for you! I am just sick as I just received the cards I sent for you to receive while you’re there back in the mail as “Returned to Sender”! I sent them to Cindy Miller, but the post office has said there was no such address. I’m checking to see what happened, but am just so sad that you do not have them…I was so excited about this! I let Cindy know and am going to resend them. She said she’d get them to you when you return on Sunday. At least you’ll have them to keep with the others…guess this will have to do, right?! I am keeping you in my prayers throughout the day. I hope today was a good one! Keep the updates coming as you have time. xoxo Kellie

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