Traveling Light

“Sir, can I take your bag?”

I always try to travel light. I figure if I didn’t bring it I can usually do without it for a few days. Forget your I-pod, then I can survive without some music for a few days. No comb -well I guess I’m going with my natural look. Deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, clean undies-pretty much non-negoitables. I try to just pack the essentials. That’s why I am little bothered by everyone always wanting to carry my luggage. Maybe a personal preference but it’s always someone trying to pry it out of my hand- the hotel concierge, the shuttle driver, those guys at the airport parking bus line- “No, leave by bag alone! I’m not a weakling. I can carry it by myself.” Really what’s up with that, besides ..they probably just want a tip. On top of all of that, this is my survival kit- these are things I believed that I couldn’t live without for the next few days. I don’t trust just anyone carrying it and especially don’t like it when they do that “disappearing act” where they nab it in the hotel lobby while you are checking in and it suddenly reappears on your hotel bed a few minutes later.

In life, many times we feel the same way – “I can carry this myself”. Problem is- our luggage in life gets at times much heavier and journey is much longer. Life is not a quick jaunt across the parking lot or a hotel lobby. Jesus said- Come to me, all of you who are weary and loaded down with a lot of heavy luggage, and I will give you rest. (Paraphrased)

As I prepare to do my packing for our trip to Drochia, Moldova I’m really excited about what lies ahead in the next few days, new experiences, a new adventure, new faces and can’t help but think about..well..what am I carrying? Thanks to Max Lucado for reminding me to Travel Light. I ask that if you have read this to pray for our team, our packing and preparation, and ask that God would give us the humility to help lighten the load for someone else over the next few weeks.

Take Care,

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