Traveling to Moldova

This is Sheila, I am using Jon’s blogging address because I cannot seem to sign on for myself.  It is now 10:30 on Monday night.  This is how our travels went:  We met at First Baptist Church Whitehouse at 9:30 Sunday morning.  We packed the bus ant trailer and Pastor Ray led a prayer of protection and God’s will be done before we loaded up.  We rode the bus to the DFW airport where we ate at TGI Fridays.  We joked about how there is always one who gets stopped in security, well guess who it was first.  Me of course!  I had forgotten to empty my water bottle and they had to search my luggage   From there we flew to Dulles airport in Washington D.C.  there we met up with Jon and Kelsey from Tennessee and Carolyn from Canada.   Then we headed for Frankfurt Germany where they got me again.  My flashlight caused them to search my bag again.  However this time I was not alone,  Kelsey’s converter caused her to be taken to a separate room while they checked it out.  We continued on to the German McDonalds where we received a chinese fortune cookie which was an advertisement for a duty free store.  Rae did a wonderful devotion before we left there and we continued on to Chisinau airport in Moldova.  From there an interesting ride to the house where we are staying.  The people we have met so far are wonderful and dinner was great.  I did my turn giving the devotional and we have been organizing supplies and making goodie bags all in preparation for going to Ivancea tomorrow.  We will build beds and start the Bible school tomorrow.  Please pray for the weather to hold out so we can play outside.  Moldova has had more rain this year and while everything is lush and green we do not want to get rained out on our games.  We are getting to know each other and am sure when we get home there will be many interesting stories.  (Ask about Tony’s headwear!)  God Bless!

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  1. deb clark

    Wonderful to know you arrived safely. We are praying for your team continually that God will move in your lives for His Glory. Praying the showers will be only of blessing while you are there! Love you Debbie and Mama

  2. Anonymous

    I’m so glad to read about your trip. It sounds as though I should have warned you about the airport better. Leave it to you to keep it interesting. I’m sitting laughing myself silly. On a more serious note, I’m so lucky to have such a loving and self-less friend as you. You are one of God’s gems. Be safe as you endeavor in God’s work. I’ll be waiting impatiently for you to return home. Love, Gail

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