Two Weeks and Counting

I can not believe we leave two weeks from today for Moldova. Seems as if I was just there last month….WAIT…I was there last month. As Jessica stated, there is just something about the kids and Moldova that gets into your blood and you just have to keep going back. It’s definitely an addiction, however it’s a positive one.

The August team, led by Moldova Guru Miller Hancock, will be doing construction work . As Scott Harris is so found of reminding us, we must be flexible, and in true fashion our work assignments have already changed several times and we have yet to leave the USA. No matter what we work on , we will do in with the love of Christ in our hearts and use the time to bond with the orphans and translators we work with. Maybe we will even have the opportunity to introduce a few of them to our best friend, Jesus!!!

Stay tuned for more on our trip Aug 12-20, 2006.


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  1. Anonymous

    You know my friend, we will be praying for you and those we love so much while you are in Moldova!
    Give each of the big guys a hug for me and let them know I love them dearly. Also give little Eugen an extra hug for me and Bekah and Jessica.
    Love you Roger!

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