Uganda Team Has Arrived in Kampala!

Our Uganda Mission Journey Team has arrived safely in Kampala! It’s close to 11pm in Uganda, so our team is grabbing their luggage and headed to their team house where they’ll get settled and get some rest after 30 long hours of travel.

This is Sweet Sleep’s first trip outside of the country of Moldova – this team is full of trail blazers! Please remember to pray for our team as they serve and follow them here on their blog at

9 Comments on “Uganda Team Has Arrived in Kampala!”

  1. DAD

    You look very happy in the picture K. I hope you bring that joy to those you are helping…Godspeed, little girl…we are proud of you and what the team is doing

  2. Tina

    Thank you very much for the updates. Whitney my prayer for you and your team is safety and plenty of smiles. I am so very proud of you. Have a sweet sleep tonight. I love you, Mom

  3. Anonymous

    Pat said. . .
    I praise the Lord for the safe trip of this team and I pray that after your sweet sleep tonight you will be ready for God to blow you away!
    We love you Mike!

  4. Tyra

    oops! Not sure what happened there to my first comment. Here it is again…
    I’m so glad everyone made it okay. I will continue to pray that the Lord uses them in every way while they are there. Stacey S., I love you girl and be safe!

  5. mrapp3

    The folks in Wheaton Il are following the progress of the team. Your initial encounter with the mother of 22, even before arriving suggests you will indeed have an interesting and heart rending trip. May God bless and keep you all safe and sound.

  6. Lauren C

    kat I love you so much. you look as happy as ive ever seen you . I know how great you must feel right now just being there . I love you so much ! becareful my sister , Love Lauren

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