Uganda Team Home/Election News from Moldova

Hello friends! Lots of good news to report today… Our Uganda Team finally returned home yesterday (some technically TODAY) after a day of long layovers and weather delays! Our Nashvillians didn’t get home until 2am this morning, but everyone is home and to their respective homes safely.

Also, you may remember us asking for prayer for Moldova in their election process. The Communist Party won the most seats in the Parliamentary elections in April, surrounded by reports of voter manipulation and fraud, but did not have 61 votes needed to elect the President so Parliament was dissolved and new elections were held yesterday. But our friends at the Baptist Union, our partner on the ground in Moldova, tell us that the Communist party only obtained 48 seats this time and the opposition parties, the democratic parties, gained 53! The opposition parties are forming a coalition and while negotiations will not be easy, our friends in Moldova are thanking God for this victory and thanking each of you for your prayers.

Valeriu Ghiletchi, formerly the President of the Baptist Union of Moldova, was elected to Parliament in April. We are waiting to hear if he will take a seat in the new Parliament since he was elected last week as the President of the European Baptist Federation! Congratulations to Val!

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