Until the cows come home…

I feel like that’s how long it takes for this internet to come! It’s so slow, and we’re being eaten with mosquitos, so this will be quick. We are having a wonderful time, but we’re definitely learning patience and flexibility. Tonight we brough 160 pizzas to the camp for the kids (it takes almost an hour and a half). They got there, the kids saw them, and then the nurse decided they couldn’t eat them because some had mushrooms on them. But don’t worry, the teachers got some! That’s just the way things are in Moldova. On the way home one of the buses (carrying 150+ uneaten pizzas) stopped to feed some people on the side of the road who were “waiting for the cows to come home”! They fed several families pizzas and prayed with them. We know that we serve a big God who’s ways are better than ours. I guess those families needed the food more than the orphans…maybe they were headed home to nothing. We have all found a special child (or many!) that we have fallen in love with. Mine is Mihai. He’s 10 years old. He has a little brother Vasil, who is six. Their mom died a year ago, and their father abandoned them. Mihai bcame my shadow yesterday and hasn’t left me since. He’s so good and sweet. I’ll tell you all more later and show many pictures when I get back. It’s funny…when you find the one, you find the one! We all love you and miss you. We’re all well. We’re eating well (lots of potatos and chicken, tomato, bread). Please pray for tomorrow…it will be VERY hard to leave these kids. Pray for us, the kids, and for the teachers who will (hopefully) comfort them when we leave. I take comfort in a devotion Lois (Louise!) gave yesterday. These things we see are only light and momentary troubles that are achieving for us a glory that far outweighs them all! Love to all…see you on the flip side!

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