Update on 2nd relief drive

Hello friends!

Thank you for your great support and response to our work in Haiti. You are a blessing!

Because I know you want to continue to respond to our work in Haiti I’ll just quickly share with you about what you can do right now.

Through Wednesday night, Jan. 27th, you can bring your new/nearly new blankets and sheets to the Connection Center at Brentwood Baptist Church–signs will direct you to the drop off area. These relief items will be shipped to Haiti in the days following and distributed to 3, possibly even 4 of our partners and orphanages on the ground. So, keep ’em coming!

You can also drop off things like bags of rice or bags of beans, disposable diapers or powdered baby formula.

Because the immediate needs are so great and there is so little aid in Haiti right now, our partners have very specific urgent needs. There will be a time when more things are needed…as orphanages and lives are rebuilt. Our partners tell us that, for now, giving other items further complicates an already impossible situation. So, hang on to those other things and we’ll keep you posted!

I also continue to encourage you to give to Sweet Sleep’s “Haiti Relief Fund” so that we can continue providing beds and bedding to Haiti’s orphaned children. You can give securely on our website, www.sweetsleep.org/donate. Please mark “Haiti Relief” in the special comments box. Our mailing address is also on our site, if you prefer to give by check.

Yesterday, while speaking to the church with my pastor, I listened to him talk about how God had placed Sweet Sleep in the middle of Haiti and positioned us to be able to respond at this devastating time. Tonight a good friend told me it was clear we were doing exactly what God wanted because He had so clearly opened the doors to make our relief efforts so effective, so fast. Those things are good to hear. None of our work would be possible without our partners, Global Orphan Project and Love A Child.

We’re so thankful for our partners are on the ground. As you continue to pray for God to be close to these hurting children, pray also for our partners and the scores of volunteers helping the children. Pray for their energy, their spirits, their emotional strength and health. They are doing, watching and hearing impossible things. Their days are long. The challenges before them vast. I’ll share good stories coming out of all this as the week goes along. Tonight, know that YOUR involvement…your financial gifts, your bedding….those are already good stories.

Thanks friends.

See you in the next blog,


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