We are here!

We made it! We had an incredibly boring trip… LOL No real issues except for a poor lady worried about her laptop bag, but Tony straightened her out. She quieted down after that. Tony’s school principal skills have already paid off. I didn’t sleep much until the last plane ride because we had room to stretch out. I skipped that meal, but the sleep was worth it. We decided the van ride from the airport was more scary than any of the plane rides. CJ did a great job, it’s just the traffic and kids running out into the street! Once we got to Victor and Valentina’s home, we were blessed with a wonderful home cooked meal of chicken and potato soup, bread, and cookies. Drinking my coke without ice is a MAJOR adjustment for me, but I did it and survived. The weather is beautiful tonight with cool winds, which I think is a good thing because there is no central air. Tomorrow morning we will start building beds and then start the VBS in the afternoon. We are all very excited to meet the kids and share God’s Word with them. This trip has obviously been blessed so far with easy travel and no security issues. Thanks for all of your prayers. Keep it up! Someone will be updating every night. It’s about 10:30pm now and we need to practice some line dancing steps. Much love, Tracye :O)

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  1. Alicia

    Tracye….Tyler is spending the night tonight so we just read your post. I am so glad to hear that you all made it safe. I hope and pray you all get plenty of rest and that God uses you in mighty ways!!! Love you all – Alicia

  2. Alicia

    glad to hear from you tracye! So glad things have gone well so far. Tyler is staying here tonight….I took them bowling earlier tonight..fun…praying you have a great day!

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