We are finally here! Things didn’t start out so good when we first started our journey, but God led us through it. On our first flight out, which was only supposed to be 45 min, it ended up lastng about 2 hours. There was a thunderstorm over Cincinatti so no planes were not allowed to land. We had to go back to Louisville to get more fuel then go back to Cincinatti. At first I thought, “Man O Man this is just going to be a wonderful trip.” We got onto the long 8 hour stretch and just crashed. After our long lay over in Frankfut’s boring airplane, we were finally almost to Moldova. I sat beside my sister, Jessica, and a man that I kept hitting with all of my stuff. I could tell he was starting to get annoyed with me. Our dinner was out and I realized this was my opportunity to butter this man up by being extra nice and offering him some of my “wonderful” Moldovan dinner. I started having this conversation with him and then noticed he didn’t speak English. A little while later I tried again to be nice to this man, so I offered him a mint. He accepted with a huge smile on his face. We ended up having a long conversation by acting out what we were trying to tell eachother. He turned out to be a nice man. Today we got to go out to lunch with all of our translators. When I got off I saw Dima! A translator that I had befriended last summer. I immediantly run to him and gave him a huge hug. I was shaking from being so excited. We then finally got to go to the orphanage to meet the children we would be sharing God’s love with. Within minutes I had warmed up to the kids. When then met up with the teachers; which was fun just to get to know them. We then splitted up into our bible study groups just to get to know the orphans and to get a feel of how they worked. Sunny, my bible study partner, had all the children crowded around her while she was reading them David and the Lions Den. I looked over and saw this little girl crying. I went over to her trying to get her to smile. It was raining outside so it was absolutly freezing. I saw that she was shaking because she had her summer clothes on. I picked her up, put her on my lap, and just wrapped my arms around her to get her warm. She then became happy! Her name is Ana. The other kids saw us over there, so they started coming up to me. It was amazing. I had a photo album to show them that they looked at over and over. The rest of the time we were there, Ana held my hand tight and wouldn’t let go of me. I think I might have found my little girl! I got my prayer partner letters; speaking of which, HI MOM, HI TOM, AND HI CRYSTAL, I LOVE YOU ALL! But for some reason when I got my prayer letter from Bill Bedi I started to tear up. His letter meant so much to me. I felt like he had jumped into my mind. He knew exactly how I felt. Not that my other letters weren’t wonderful, but I enjoyed reading Mr. Bill’s. Everything is going well, I just hope the ran stops. Pray for all us women and our 3 men! Mom- I have seen about…20 sunflower fields and think of how much you would love it everytime we drive by one. Before the end of the trip I will take a picture for you. I was wrong, we aren’t going out to dinner with the guys and eugen until friday night! BUT guess what, FRIDAY IS EUGEN’S BIRTHDAY. so it works out good. David-I miss you very much and hope you got home ok from Florida. Bill- I saw Tim and told him hello. He looks good! PRAY FOR US! WE NEED IT! God bless, Bekah Beasley

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  1. Anonymous

    Oh my Bekah! I am so excited for you. 1st-think of all that you could have packed into your carry on if you had known about Friday being the day to see Eugen! HA! Remember God’s plan-Eugen’s birthday! 2nd-I can see you on the airplane with your “new” friend. I know how you are with all your stuff. Moldova food-right…Funny!
    I am thankful you all made it safely to the team house. Think of Bill and all his moaning on the van. That will always relieve the tension on your own back.
    I am praying for you and Jess!!! I will also pray for better weather.
    Give you little Ana a hug from your old mom.
    I love both you and Jessica. And have I told you yet how proud I am?
    Lots of love and “sonflowers!”

  2. Laura Cantrell

    Bekah & Jessica,
    We are definitely praying for you! I know God will work wonders both through you and in you. Please tell Dima and the other translators Hi! And enjoy dinner with Eugene.

  3. Anonymous

    hey there! your mom told me about this site and it’s so cool how you are able to write a blog. it sounds like your week is off to a great start! ana sounds precious and i’m so glad you could be there to make her feel better. you’re such a blessing to those kids bekah, you and jessica are…well everyone is, but u know what i mean. 🙂 i love you so much and i appreciated the shoutout! haha i will continue to pray for all of you. have a blessed week! much love from you old sis!


  4. Anonymous

    Hey Bek, can you get a bithday cake for Eugen on Friday? That would be so cool. He would feel so extra special to have his own little party. Missing my two girls. Love to both of you!
    Hugs and kisses!

  5. Lorri

    Hi Bekah-

    Just wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you on your trip. I’m proud of you for all that you are doing and am excited that maybe after teaching these children you’ll come back with a passion for teaching the bible here too – maybe in the children’s department or church or maybe filling in when Chad and I are out! 🙂 I know you are doing great things and can’t wait to hear more about it!

    Much love little cherub-

  6. Anonymous

    So glad to hear the trip and experience are going sooooo well for everyone. Praying for the team and all of those in need in Moldova.


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