We made it to Moldova!

March 29th, 2008

By the grace of ourLord we have made it safely to Moldova. What a journey. I have to say that for traveling such a distance and for such long hours, our trip actually went by really fast. Our departure went very smoothly. We were sent off by family and friends that came to the airport to pray as we left. The first plane was the smallest that I have been on and I have to say that I had a slight panic attack, since I am not a fan of flying. Thank God for Laura, she kept me focused in our great conversation and all of the worries went out the window. At the airport in DC, we had a layover of 4 hours and that gave us some time to interact more with each other and I have to say that we have the best chemistry any group could ever have. At that moment we realized that we were in for a great journey. The flight from DC to Germany went fairly smoothly, besides the bad take off and landing. The 8 hour flight went really fast after hours of sleeping and eating. By the time we got to Frankfurt, we all started to feel the tiredness of long traveling time. We managed to eat again and sleep a little until the hours went by and it was time to board our last flight. By far the best flight we had was our last one to Moldova. Great takeoff, alot of empty spaces, good food, lots and lots of laughter and a great landing. We all let out a sigh of relief when we landed and became very anxious to get out of the airport and head to our home away from home. The dinner we had at our team house was amazing. Lydia is a great cook and we got brownies with icecream for dessert, my favorite. I also want to thank you all for the sweet letter that our prayer partners have written for us for each day that we are here. I can tell you all that we were all very happy and emotional as we saw and read the touching letters. There were lots of tears as we know that this mission is a life changing experience for all of us and to have a little piece of home here with us makes us really happy (thanks mom, dad, Javi and Nicole). Well this is all for now. I am headed to bed after a long day as tomorrow our job begins in Moldova.

Sweet Sleep,

Irene Rodriguez

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