Wednesday’s Blog Post – sorry, it went astray for a few days!

This is Paul and Marti Hindalong posting under Wendy Lee’s account.

Waiting!!!!!!!!! The beds went over the border and were delivered to the orphanage but then the government locked them into a room until all customs technicalities were cleared. Today we heard that the President’s office gave permission for us to assemble the beds, but we’re still waiting for the paperwork to be completed. Pray that God will oversee the situation and that we can soon assemble the beds. We know that God is in control.

Time with the children: The Lord has opened the door for us to have two hours with the children each afternoon. Yesterday we worked with primary children and today we worked with middle school children. We were able to share with them about God’s Creation and how God values them as a very special creation. And we were pleased to learn that many of the children had already memorized John 3:16 because the pastor’s wife from the local church teaching them’s Bible lessons each week.

This afternoon a group of us visited a man from the church who was crippled. We were able to take groceries to him and we were able to encourage and pray with him.

Tonight we joined the church in their prayer time. Stuart shared the vision of Sweet Sleep with the congregation and Paul shared how God led he and Marti to minister in the Russian-speaking world.

We are praising God!

Paul & Marti

2 Comments on “Wednesday’s Blog Post – sorry, it went astray for a few days!”

  1. Lin

    Lots of prayers that the beds get cleared so they can be assembled before you all leave to come home. I’m still thinking about the “comfort zone” and how we could all do with a little more movement in that direction. We take way too much for granted!!
    Love, Lin (Wendy Lee’s mom)

  2. Jen Gash

    praising god, indeed!!

    i love that you were all able to share so much with our brothers and sisters in this little russian speaking church in the middle of absolutely darkest peru!

    what a blessing to have been in that room and that place and to be prayerful with so many who’ve lived through so much.

    amen for your heart and your obedience….


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