A life-changing gift

First and foremost, we’d like to thank each and every one of you that has donated in someone’s name as part of our Give The Gift Christmas campaign.  Your gifts will help create more happy endings to stories like Welsey’s.

When we first met her, we saw a small girl with a quiet face and eyes full of burden.  As an orphan cared for by her aunt, she slept on the hard-packed, red clay earth.  As a result, she had a severe wound on her leg that was infested with flies and crawling insects, even as she slept.  The pain was so bad she couldn’t play, dance or even go to school.

She was completely without hope or peace.

The day Welsey received her Sweet Sleep bed was the start of a new life for her.  She no longer had to sleep on the ground with the insects and parasites.  A month later, a smile had returned to her face.  Instead of burden and pain, her eyes reflected strength, hope and peace that the love of Christ brings. Today she plays, dances and even goes to school.

Gifts from people like you not only provided Welsey with a bed, they changed her life.

It’s not too late to Give The Gift for someone on your Christmas list.  Donate now in honor of someone on your list and help us create more success stories like Welsey’s.

God bless you and Merry Christmas!


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