We’re here!

We must be living right. We arrived 30 minutes early and that was with security checking every single piece of carry on luggage in Frankfurt! I am now in my 32nd hour without sleep so this will be short and sweet. Chisinau is like no city I have ever seen. It seems to me that I am in a war torn country. Broken sideswalks with grass growing thru them,lots of concrete buildings(many under construction), worn out appartment buildings everywhere. Makes me so grateful for my home in Brentwood. We were meet by the CERI staff at the airport with lots of smiles and hugs. Am looking forward to working with them this week. We meet the boys in the morning and start ripping up old flooring to replace with new. We will be taking beds to Felesti on Friday.
Keep us in your prayers. This place needs it and so do we!

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