Yes…we are ALL finally here. That in and of itself is a miracle when we found out that our team leader had not been ticketed to Moldova, and that the flight from JFK to Budapest was overbooked by 15 passengers, with Jen, Roger & Marilyn not having seats. BUT AS ALWAYS, we got to see God work his miracles. That is what I love about coming on Mission trips. There are always obstacles in our lives, but when we are at home in our comfortable surroundings, we don’t always see God working in and through them. When you are in a foreign land with little control, you get to see God at the steering wheel. HOW AWESOME IS HE!

Yes… we are really glad to be here. Elizabeth experienced her first Moldova Mystery Meal on Moldova Air and has done just fine. Our host, Anatole, could not be more kind and we appear to have lucked up in having his mother and sister come share their culinary talents. I can tell we will not go hungry!

It has been wonderful to see the very beautiful and expectant, Olga, as well as Dorel, Boris, Sergio, Connie, Jamie, Matthew and Tim. It is so good to see all of their smiling faces and to work with such wonderful people. Tim, we can tell, has become quite adept in his marathon ability to squat when conversing. We are in training before visiting with the kids in the AM. Oh, the kids…that’s what it is all about. We can’t wait to see those precious smiling faces. I hope that Nina, Doina, Dina, Ruslan & Igor are there, but I know that we are going to fall in love with ALL of those precious little faces in the morning as we make many more new friends!

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  1. Linda Blough

    Laura and Roger, Please keep on the look out for our little Eugen. He can’t be missed. Just look for a precious little boy with a jump rope. Let him know that Bekah, Jessica, and Linda love him and the girls will be there in July to smother him with hugs and kisses.
    I am lifting you and the team up in prayer. And I know Roger will do an amazing job as team leader! So proud of you!
    Linda Blough

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