What A Difference a Day Makes

It’s been 24 hours since we met up at the Nashville airport and we’re settled at the staff house in Chisinau, Moldova for the night. It only took three flights, two airport trolleys, several hours camped out at McCafe in the Frankfurt airport and a crazy ride through downtown Chisinau. And we’re only missing one bag so we’re doing good. Everyone is tired after sleeping intermittently on various flights so we’re about to head to bed. Tomorrow morning the adventure really begins as we head to Transnistria where we’ll finally see the orphanage, the church and the hotel we’ll call home for the week. Pray the border crossing goes smoothly and they don’t try to make us pay a tax on the supplies we’re bringing in for the kids. Oh, and it’s very cold here and there’s snow on the ground, so those of you in Nashville who are enjoying the beautiful spring-like weather, do what you can do to keep it around until we return. We’ll need it to help us thaw out! Until then…
Wendy Lee

3 Comments on “What A Difference a Day Makes”

  1. Anonymous

    Hello Wendy Lee and all!! You have been in my thoughts and prayers so much and I am thankful you are on the ground!! Will continue to check the blog and continue to pray for this wonderful team!!

  2. Lindame

    Just realized I could go on your blog! I’m so proud of you all and will keep you in my prayers every day! Wendy, I’m exercising my new knee joint every day like a good girl!
    Love, MOM

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