What A Special Day!

Hi everyone this is Jill. Wow what a day. Today was full of wonderful and unforgettable memories. First I got to experience a day of shopping at the art market in downtown Chisinau. Oh what beautiful things to buy for our loved ones back at home. Hours later and needing to buy more it was time for lunch at a familiar place like at home, McDonald’s. (Yeah) But not hurting for food because Lilla, our cook is wonderful!

Then after our tummies were full it was off for some unbelievable sightseeingin Orhei Vechi Monastery. What calories I ate at lunch I burned on the hike up the mountain to the monastery. On the way up it was breath taking not just by the long walk up but viewing the beautiful countryside. Got to watch an artist paint a picture that Lauree ending up buying on the spot.( Oh, be careful it is still wet.) Oh my we are running late and needing to get to Ivancea orphanage and get set up for the big birthday party. So down the mountain we run and threeart pieces purchased in hand, we are our way to a big celebration.

It was such a joy to watch how excited the children were to see our van drive up. It was so cool to see waving hands and smiles on faces that held such asadness on Monday. I could feel my emotions building up inside me that I hadbeen holding in for the past few days. I knew in my heart that I was getting attached to few that pulled on my heart strings and this would be the last time I would see my new friends Victoria, Alana and Anna until the next time.

But what a way to end our stay and be a part of the first birthday ever held at Ivancea. And how our team can put on a party and what a special feeling to be a part in their first birthday celebration. Lucia said that these children normall get a card placed on the wall for their birthday. What a treat for these precious children. When Dan and Dorian opened the doors it was great to see all the children run into the big party with bright eyes and ear to ear grins. It was music to my ears to hear all the laughter and see how happy the children were.

As a special surprise for the children God blessed us with the opportunity with giving the children bibles of their own. It was awesome to see the children and adults eager to look up verses that our team had written down for them and helping others with finding verses. Arlene and Jon explained to the childrenwhat the Bibles were for. Great job the way they presented the Bible verses. After our team was finished the Directors and some of the children stood upand shared how our team had touched them. Lannette, Lauree, Anita, and I were fighting back tears. A very hard moment because we had many eyes on us. We received many kisses and hugs and off they went back to class.

Then after we had done our mission at Ivancea we were treated with special “mystery” snacks. It was so sweet of them to treat us and we are praying that we don’t get sick. As Jon says have faith and we will not get parasites.What laid ahead of us next, was told that it would be hard but I had no idea how hard it would really be. Thank goodness for Kleenex and precious memories that will last a life time. I’m so blessed to have been given this chance to be a part of Sweet Sleep and all the people who made this possible. Love ya’ll and sweet dreams.

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