This week has been wonderful. I have seen God plant his seeds everywhere this week. I flew over with a team from North Carolina and one more team member from Texas. I really don’t even know where to start because so much happened this week. First off, my luggage was lost until Sunday night. I had to wear the same clothes from Thursday morning to Sunday night. I hugged my luggage when I went to pick it up. People were looking at me funny. I wish the only knew how happy I was to see them. Our first day to get to see the kids was on Saturday night. We gave them a huge pizza party. I can’t describe the feeling I got to see my little boy, Eugen. I decided not to tell him I was coming to Moldova for the whole summer because I thought it would be amazing to surprise him. He ran up to me and immediately began to cry. He was so quiet. I think it was because he was so shocked. He asked, “Why are you here, I thought you weren’t coming this summer?” I told him I wanted it to be a surprise and I was going to be there for two months this summer. He just could not stop hugging me. I also got to see some kids that I met in January so of course it was fun to see them. Sunday we went to church and a translator, Anna, got married right in the middle of the service. It is really common to do that in Moldova. Then while the rest of the team went back to the house, Connie took me to Anna’s wedding reception. WOW that was an adventure. I just kind of sat there because I was so in shock of how they celebrated the weddings. I also got to try a lot of new food. Some I did like and some I didn’t. This week I taught a 10-12 year old girl’s bible study. My girls were awesome. I had so much fun with them. They listened to me! I was pretty shocked that they wanted to know what I had to say. Just picture me with 13 girls hanging off of me everyday. On Tuesday night Mary and I got to lead the evening worship. The theme for the day was forgiveness. We got 6 bottles of whipped cream; 3 for me and 3 for her. We told the kids that the whipped creme represented sin. You know it’s bad for you but you want it anyways. We then had two buckets of water with two volunteers. Then we got 3 volunteers each to get one bottle each and spray the ENTIRE can of whipped cream all over us. Then we had the other two boys to dump the whole bucket of water on us to represent that when we accept Christ He washes all our sins away. THE KIDS LOVED IT! I have only been here for one week and I have grown so close to the kids. I love every single one of them! I will have to write another blog to tell about the rest later.

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  1. Anonymous

    It was so wonderful to read your blog! I can feel your excitement and love for those children (and your luggage)! Hurry up and write the rest of the week’s activity…I want to hear more.
    Sure is quite around here without you. But I guess I had better get use to it.
    Give my love to all. And hugs to all my special family and friends.
    Love you!

  2. Bridget

    Hi, this is Bridget. Please let Victor and Valentina know that they and Mark are in our prayers. Getting home was a real trial so I haven’t had time to download photos yet–should get them done by the weekend. Visit at http://picaboblu.journalspace.com; you should really like the washing away sin photo!

  3. Anonymous

    it sounds like you are having such a wonderful time!!! i am SOO jealous that you are over there and i am still stuck in Nashville. i am SO ready to come over and play with the kids too. 🙁
    that whipped cream idea is genius!!! and sounds like a lot of fun. i can’t wait to read more about how God is working through you this summer.
    i love ya and am praying for you!!
    ps- sorry if this is posted like 15 times, i can’t figure out how to do it. haha

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