What happened to your nose?

Good afternoon to everyone in the States. Had to check my watch to make sure what time it was there. Just now adjusting to the time here. First day of camp. Where to start? There were so many great things as well as a couple interesting ones.

We had a great time of worship this morning – Connie warmed up the crowd with a lot of great praise and worship songs and Jamey jumped in with a couple American ones to lighten the mood. Noah (from the Bible not our team) was a big hit today but I think the animal noses were the real winner. The kids were hilarious walking around in those things and making the right (sometimes) noises. I think the kid with the pig nose had the best time.

Recreation was great but I’m afraid I’ll always have a reminder of this day’s recreation events. While playing soccer (sorry football) I attempted to head a ball and missed. Unfortunately for me it hit the bridge of my nose. Lesson learned the hard way today. One should never head a soccer ball with glasses on – especially if you’re going to miss the darn thing with your forehead. A few dabs of antibiotic ointment and a butterfly bandage or two and I’ve got a nice looking hockey wound. My wife has a thing for hockey so maybe I’m okay. Becky darling, I took a high stick today. Hope you don’t mind me looking like I just took a 5-minute major for the team. Just to be safe, you better have Doctor Mark queued up to fix me. Not going to chance stitches here. I think it looks worse than it feels but that’s probably a bad thing. Brian, if you’re listening my brother, we’re even now. I bang your head and somebody else gets me. Hope you’re still dripping.

Just as we were getting back from lunch today – The Yellow Box for you fellow Moldvans I know you’re jealous. Only the best meat and three on the planet – a big busload of Russians showed up at the camp. There were sent by the government I believe to stop by the camps to entertain the kids. They had a lot of games and music for the kids. We ate our flexy cookies and joined in with what they were doing. Our esteemed Scott Harris – fresh from Poland or was it Germany – showed up just in time to catch me doing the Moldovan macarena. Not sure what it was called but I ended up with the nickname the Dancing Bear. I don’t think that was a complement. At least I didn’t get the Dancing Squirrel. Roger has the honor there.

I’m sure I’m leaving something out about the camp but it was hard to get it all down. Lots going on but there always is on the first day. We didn’t have to change the schedule more than 5 times but hey it’s Moldova.

In case my technology issues aren’t worked out on my phone tonight, lots of love to my family – Becky, Gretchen, Van & Connor – and to my prayer partners. Thanks for supporting all of us in your prayers and turning me over to the children here in Moldova for safekeeping this week. I miss all of you and love you very much. Noapte buna.


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