What We Have Been Doing Locally

We are so blessed to have people that want to support orphaned and abandoned children around the world as much as we do! So many of you have been fundraising with your churches, families, and groups and it is wonderful hearing all of your stories!

Many of you have decided to start fundraising through the Nickels for Nets program. This is a program that specifically raises money for treated mosquito nets to be distributed to children at risk for malaria. By showing children a net and telling them that other children – children just like them – are dying from a mosquito bite can be how a child learns to show the love of Christ to the least of these.

But how do you make it fun as well? Well, some of you have created flyers for the kids to hand out…

Perfect for the shy ones!

and some have been having competitions between classes, and if they meet their goals they get to pie their teachers in the face…

Watch out!

Those are some really SWEET teachers!

Total raised locally:

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