Whatchu gonna do when they come for you…

…Make sure you have your passport with you at all times!!! This is Jaclyn writing on this account because I seem to have forgotten my password and I can’t go without telling you about my run in with the law yesterday afternoon! Yesterday after lunch, I rode in the translator bus with our seven translators and two American fellas who are in Moldova doing mission work. We are a few miles away from our turn to camp when we get pulled over by the Moldovian police. The two other Americans know Romanian so I was the only one who had no clue what was going on. Words were exchanged, and I finally asked Steven, one of the translators, what was happening. At that exact moment I asked, the Moldovian police had asked the American drivers for their passports and proof that they were allowed to be in the country. My passport, of course, was in the other van that had already arrived at camp!! I immediately thought I was going to be arrested since I didn’t have my passport with me! The police never saw me in the back but he did ask Jayme, the American driver, and a translator to go with him in the police building to take care of the situation. They had to take off the license plate in the front of the car and leave it with him. So mom, dad, no need to start saving up bail money 🙂 But I can now leave here saying I had an exciting adventure with the Moldovian police!

The experience here has been amazing. I am working with the younger kids and they are so smart. The first day we were here, we asked them what we can pray for. Their answer, “you”. That’s exactly what the people here are like. They give up their seat for you, their food, offer a hand, make things for you…even if they don’t have much themselves. It’s so amazing. There are a few girls who have become my leeches throughout the week. They are so beautiful. The orphanage director told the team yesterday about the situation of the camp, and it literally broke my heart and I had to leave the room in tears. These kids are amazing. They carry your backpacks and just want to be loved. That’s what we’re here for. It’s hard to believe what they go through.

We have the worlds greatest translators. They continue to amaze me everyday with their knowledge and zest for life. They all have visions and goals that are just so great. I am so blessed to have met these individuals and am really going to miss them a whole lot. I can say that I have made friends during this trip that will continue after this week is finished.

So with that, it’s hard to believe this is Wednesday evening (in Moldova). Two more days with the kids and our time here, physically, is complete. It will break my heart, but I have so many pictures and memories to take with me that will last a lifetime.


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  1. Linda Blough

    You don’t know me, but please tell the translators I said hello and I love and miss them dearly. Their names are Dima, Steven, Eugene, and Elijah. Let them know Jessica and Bekah will be there in July!
    Thanks for doing me this small favor.
    Linda Blough

  2. Laura C.

    I’m glad to hear things are going well and that you weren’t arrested! Great story.

    May blessings continue to pour upon you and the team as the journey physically comes to an end, but as God uses the whole experience to change not only the lives of others, but as well as your life! Praying for you all…

    *2 Corinthians 2:14&15
    *Ephesians 1:15-17

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