What’s with the Snow!?

It amazes me that somewhere half-way around the world reminds me of home. I love seeing familiar buildings, faces, restaurants, billboards, and campaign posters in a country most people have never heard of. Moldova is that second home for me, and I can’t remember a day that I haven’t thought about and missed it since July ’04. The team is GREAT. I was worried about how I would click with them, but they have been so welcoming and so open to my own thoughts and ideas that I feel like I’ve known them for years, and I know I’m taking away new friendships (and it’s good to put faces to some names the kids have given me). The kids in Falesti were amazing….you could tell that they haven’t been exposed to as many Americans as the kiddos in Chisinau have. I really connected with some older boys when they approached me about how to say Craciun Fericit (Merry Christmas!) in English. And it’s good to see some new and old faces here in Chisinau! We watched the Incredibles today with the kids, and I can’t decide if it’s funnier or less funny in Russian. Tomorrow is our last day here in Moldova, and I always begin to think that maybe I haven’t done enough…but our first full day in Moldova, a certain verse found me before we left for the orphanage, and it has been on my mind all week….it’s one of those verses that you don’t have to repeat 10 times to memorize….it just sticks with you the first time.

“They have oppressed me from my youth, but they have not gained the victory over me.”
-Psalm 129:2

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