Wish I Were An Octopus!

That’s how many arms it would take to try and hug all of the kids here at camp. They are all amazing! They have so much to offer and no one to offer it to. We are really enjoying our time with them. We have played until we drop and then sit content just to be close. We have given the children their Bibles and cards and they are so proud and honored to have one of their own. The small groups are going well getting to know them on a more personal level and I know the week will just get better and better. Nina showed up today and seeing her and her sisters was definitely a Kodak moment.

On a lighter note, we took ice cream to all of the kids today! We were a little worried about getting the goods at first as Jen rejected the advances of the dirty old man guarding the cream, but Connie pulled through and got them to sell out the store for the kids.

We also held a luncheon for Ms. Galina and the teachers. IT WAS GREAT! I really think they appreciate all that we as a team do for the kids and have been more of a participant with us this year. They have really wanted to help us and get involved. They truly seem to love and care about the kids and I have seen a lot of improvement since last summer. They are learning English, Spanish and French from language teachers and the kids are really picking it up. (Much more so that I am Romanian, sorry Ben!) Ms. Galina sat down and talked with us individually about our specific kids that we sponsor and I am truly amazed at how much she knows each one of HER KIDS. She has run out of tears of her own, but still strives to protect each and every one of those precious children. I am in awe of her dedication!

Pat, you would like to know that we ate Pizza in your honor next to Pizza Pat’s. I hope SACK is going well for you! Igor, Dina, Ruslan and Nina have asked about you and Ted and Marilyn. I have showed them pictures, but they still want you all to come! Maybe next time!

I can hardly believe that the week is flying by as fast as it is, but we still covet your prayers as we talk to the children. It has been truly amazing to work together as a team. I am honored to be a part of a group of people that care so deeply. I am also honored by all of the prayers being lifted by our family and friends! MULTUMESC! and see you Sunday!

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