Worship Every Day

My journey to Uganda has been awesome. Of course the flight was long, but it was so worth it. God has allowed me to worship him every day on this trip. I am on the music team, and we have sung many praises to God. The children love to sing and already know many songs. Our favorites have been “My God Is So Big” and “Happy All The Time”. Also, the children sang us a sweet song in their own language about baby Jesus.

On Sunday we put 100 new beds into the girls’ dorm, and on Tuesday we were able to go back and visit more with the girls who received the new beds and Bibles. They said that now they “sleep sweet” each night, and even read to us from their Bibles.

The most exciting personal experience was that I met two girls named Treasure! I have never met girls who share my name, so I took pictures with both of them.

My heart is so full of joy, and I am so thankful to be here.

Treasure Hanna

FBC Belton

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