A Moldovan Miracle —Click on comments for recent updates!

I took this picture as one of my flights to Moldova was preparing to land in Chisinau. The email below shares amazing, AMAZING news…..Olesea is coming home to Nashville. Praise God. Wow. Words escape me for how incredible this is and what it means for the future of other children in Moldova. Please join me in praying for Olesea as she leaves behind her entire world, her surroundings, the other children who have become her family, her closest friends and her boyfriend, the sights and sounds and even the food. Please pray for her to adapt well. Please pray for those here in Nashville and everywhere else to love her patiently and to be sensitive to her adjustment. Also, please join me at the airport tomorrow night. I wonder if Olesea will see the clouds like this over Moldova. Hello friends,
Just a quick note to let you all know that Olesea
has an approved visa and will be coming home this
friday the 12th to nashville airport on flight
dl1051 At an estimated arrival of 4:30pm. I would
like to take this opportunity to thank you for
all the prayers and the undeniable faith in our
great God.To him be all glory. If you know of any
others to pass this message to that would be
greatly appreciated.
Many more blessing