Nastea who is 7 years old. Very cute. Reminded me of my daughter Jenna. I ask if I could bring her home but she turned me down. David Shelly and I headed over to the orphanage to start building the beds. We had 60 beds to put together and also had to stain. After we got things started we had some of the children from the orphanage come over and ask if they could help. This made things go a lot faster and we were able to finish the stain all on Monday. Tuesday we started to put the beds together . We also had some help from some of the kids the are sponsored by some of our team members. We were able to get all the beds together, all the mattresses covered. We had to carry all the beds up stairs to the second floor because the dorms are being worked on. Today we painted what playground equipment there is. They have no swings but they do have a frame for swings, They have a basketball goal with no goal. So we are going to buy swings and maybe some other things on Thursday. I’m doing well, the food is kind of ok but I’m a picky eater so I have to eat what ever there is. Having a great time. Its exciting, sad, some times you want to cry and at times you laugh your head off. I would encourage you to pray and ask God if this is something he would have you do. It has been a blessing to come here and work and see what its like in another country. Keep praying and I’ll be home Sunday.
PS Nastea accepted Jesus today at camp.]]>