Day 4

While today was our fourth day, it actually felt like our first. We were able to start building the beds for the kids. The kids were excited and very helpful. In all, we completed 25 beds with another 50 to go over the next 2 days. The kids were very proud of their new beds with smiles to show!

After lunch, we returned to the school and were able to spend more time with them. We broke into groups of 2, Arts and Crafts and recreation and worship. In arts and crafts the kids made mirrors so that they would know that they were made in God’s image (which was tied into worship). Worship time was spent on teaching the children that they were made in God’s image. We were also able to teach the kids a little English. We taught them the songs Jesus love me and Head shoulders knees and toes.

Olya with her new mirror made in arts and crafts.

We are looking forward to Day 5, spending more time with the children and building relationships.

Genesis 1:26 Then God said, “Let us make man in our image…”

As they saying in Russian “DA”—YES!!